Avb Photoworld has a deep knowledge of the programs since it also creates programs for photographers and a deep knowledge in the field of photography and education. Given its knowledge and wanting to offer more to photographers, it is organizing a seminar on image processing in Lightroom.

The Lightroom seminar will take place in 2 three-hour classes, in one day.
The first part will be for beginners and inexperienced users of Lightroom.
The second part will be for experienced users and those who are already using the program but do not take full advantage of its capabilities.
Because the second part is essentially an extension of the first, it would be good for someone to watch both parts in order to have a complete picture.

Also during the seminar we will have the opportunity to directly create images and then edit them in Lightroom, as there will be a model and studio equipment for photography.

The day of the seminar is November 30, 2019, the place is the Lazart Hotel in Thessaloniki, Kolokotroni 16 and the hours are as follows:

1. Introduction to Lightroom and editing (hours 10:00 -13: 00)
2. Advanced processing techniques in Lightroom (hours 14:00 -17: 00)

To see the prices for the participation in the seminar as well as for reservations click here.