Photoshop for Photographers The first instructional app we ever created!

Photoshop for Photographers

The 1st complete image editing guide with video tutorials.

Photoshop skills for everyone!

An essential aid for Photoshop and photography, with more than 200 minutes of video in GREEK language, that will teach you quickly and correctly everything you want to know about image processing.

The CD is for anyone involved in image editing.

From the simple amateur, who buys a digital camera and wants to go a little further than taking the picture, to the professional photographer, who wants to get into the field of image processing as easily and correctly as possible.

The CD is based on Photoshop’s CS version. However, whatever version of Photoshop you use, it will be useful for you as it deals with the general operating principles of the software, which also apply to later versions.

The CD-Rom includes.

• 14 videos that will teach you a number of functions: from opening images into the program, editing them and printing them, to automating tasks with the help of actions.

• Terms dictionary, which explains a large number of Photoshop terms

• Answers to the most frequently asked questions about digital photography

• Photoshop tool and pallet user guide

• Online support (via internet) for Photoshop and photography, simply by purchasing the CD. Because no textbook or CD, can answer all the questions you may have about this amazing software.

Photoshop for Photographers

Photoshop for photographers is an educational Cd-Rom about Photoshop and photography that was created in 2004. It’s listed in this page just for historic reason, since it was the first app we ever created. It’s not available for sale any more.