Image Selector Save time when you are searching for images!

Image Selector

Image Selector is an application that will save you a lot of time when it comes to find and select images in your computer.

Image Selection…Solved!

Designed for the professional photographers, who usually work under tide deadlines, Image Selector is an application that saves you a lot of time and solves your image selection problem. Whether you have a list of images you received from your customers by email, word, excel or some other form, or just written on a piece of paper, and it’s up to you to find these images on your computer you have nothing to worry about..

Supports most file types

Canon (CRW, CR2, CR3)
Nikon (NEF, NRW)
Sony (ARW, SRF)
Fuji (RAF)
Olympus (ORF)
Panasonic (RW2, RAW)
Pentax (PEF)
Leica (RWL)
Phase One (IIQ)
Sigma (X3F)
Hasselblad (3FR, FFF)
Digital Negative (DNG)
Photoshop (PSD)

The new version of Image Selector 1.1.0 adds the ability to find the image names, on any folder with images, you may receive from a client, to make the process of selecting images even faster.

Image Selector

Copy your images to any location you want. If you also want to edit the images check the *Copy and Import to Lightroom” option and after the files have been copied Lightroom will open up in the Import module with the images you have chosen.

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