Easy Digital Album

The best software for designing digital albums is made by Avb Photoworld and its name is Easy Digital Album.

Avb Photoworld created in 2005 the Easy Digital Album which was one of the very first software for designing digital albums at that time and became a favorite solution among photographers, with its ease of operation and the great features it offered.
It was the first software that gave photographers the ability to export the pages of the album in native PSD format, with all layers ans styles included.

The Premium version of Easy Digital Album, presented at Photokina 2008 offering amazing features with great ease of opperation set new standards of how an album designing software should be.

In the 13+ years of its existence Easy Digital Album never stoppped to evolve, offering always more features to photographers with every update.

The new version 3.5 that we are releasing has been redesigned from the scratch, in en effort to implement many new, amazing features, and even more automatic functions. Easy Digital Album 3.5 is here and will give you more freedom, and less time spent behind your computer screen. And all these with an amazing price!

To get more info about the new 3.5 version of the software and to be able to buy it in the special introductory price, that will not be available for much longer, visit the dedicated webpage by clicking here.
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