Contact Sheet Pro

The solution for creating Contact Sheets

Contact Sheet Pro Features

• Preview page so you can see immediately the final look of your pages
• Selection of Measurement Units(pixels, cm, inches), so you can choose what shoots you
• Selection of Size, from predefined Sizes(from Α6 up to Α1) or type directly the size you want up to 85X85 cm.
• Placement of a single image up to 225 images in every page
• Ability to add a watermark on every image on the page to avoid unauthorized printing
• Auto rotation of images for consistent look on your pages

With the ability to create pages up to almost 1 meter, we are certain that you will find other uses for Contact Sheet Pro apart from the creation of Contact Sheets for your wedding clients.

The creation of Contact Sheets is a usual process for presenting your work to your clients for approval. But maybe the software you are using turn this simple process to a laborious task?

As a photographer you have a lot of ascpects to take care of and a lot of things to deal with every day. So whatever helps you to get the job done can only be a good thing. That's the reason we created Contact Sheet Pro.

Now Avb Photoworld, offers you a pro solution for your contact sheets Contact Sheet Pro!

Contact Sheet Pro, give you many customizing options for your Contact sheets, great quality on your images, sizes up to almost 1 meter and all that in the minimum amount of time.

Note: This product is not for sale. It is included as a free bonus with the purchase of Easy Digital Album.